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Chemical Industry on a Spree of Manufacturing Oilfield Chemicals

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Basically, when it comes to the oil and gas exploration processes, there are lots of complexities involved as the oil and natural gas need to be drilled out from deep under the earth’s surface and hence, there are chances of contamination of the actual material that is coming out of the process. Several highly advanced equipments are being used for these offshore drilling processes and therefore, there are also high probabilities of these getting damaged owing to too much friction with the various types of earthly particles that always come in the process of drilling of the different types of hydrocarbons deep inside the surface of the earth.

Type of Chemicals

In order to take care of all these factors, the oilfield chemicals come as handy solutions for the petroleum industries because these not only provide a useful solution but are also extremely environment friendly at the same time. The Properties of Oilfield Chemicals are mainly responsible for making these indispensable during the process of drilling of oil and natural gas and some of these include density, specific gravity, pH content, ionic composition, etc. This is mainly because the chemicals are actually inorganic salts such as clear brine solutions that are in no way harmful for the environment unlike any other chemical component and so, the pollution factor can also be avoided with the usage of such types of chemicals. This is perhaps the reason behind the maximum manufacture of these chemicals by the chemical industries of the world and India as well.

Sodium Bromide Solution & Calcium Bromide Solution

One of the most important chemicals beings used and manufactured by the chemical industries today is sodium chloride solution that is also commonly called brine solution. It is physically a clear and colorless fluid that is available in powder form and in solution also. Along with this, calcium chloride solution is prepared as well by the chemical industries to be utilized in the oil and gas exploration processes. The common characteristic of both these types of chemicals is the compatibility with the surface while the drilling process is going on. This not only averts any kind of chemical reaction with the substances being drilled out but also takes care of the hydraulic pressures and well pressures in order to prevent the backflow of the substances at the same time.

Both Sodium Bromide Solution as well as Calcium Bromide Solution can be used singly or with other salts as double salts for attaining some desired specific gravity, density, etc. as required by the drilling processes. These chemicals offer a very cost-effective approach for the petroleum industries as compared to any other counterparts for the complex process of oil and gas exploration processes. Hence, these are manufactured in a widespread manner by the Indian chemical industries and the products are in high demand in India as well as abroad.

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