Friday, 12 May 2017

The Requirement of Oilfield Chemicals and their Preparation

Oilfield Chemicals a Specialized Chemical:
Apart from developed equipments, there are specialized chemicals known as oilfield chemicals that find prominent use in these projects. Consequently, the demand for these chemicals is ever increasing and therefore, the preparation, packaging and distribution of such types of chemicals are being taken up by the oilfield chemical manufacturers in order to meet the needs of these chemicals in the market. India is well-known for the manufacture of such chemicals and the chemicals prepared here are widely circulated in various parts of India as well as abroad. There are certain specific chemicals like calcium bromide (CAS No.7789-41-5) that is very popular choice of chemical component for the petroleum industries and hence are manufactured in large quantities in India.

On-Shore Drilling Activities:

The offshore drilling activities as well as the on-shore drilling activities related to oil and gas exploration projects have evolved from the earlier conventional processes to the modern times where science and technology find massive use altogether. Starting from the standard of the chemicals like work-over fluids or specialty chemicals to the mechanism used with the equipments, every single sphere of the process has undergone an all-round development. Simultaneously, the processes have transformed into being more safe, sound and eco-friendly. Along with that, these have also become extremely economical too that adds on to the profitability of the exploration projects.

Several by-products are produced during the oil and gas drilling processes and one such by product is salt water. This is again kept aside in disposal pits along with some residual oil that remains along with the salt water. Afterwards, the oil being skimmed out of the salt water and only this portion of oil constitutes almost 40% of the total revenue of the companies. Oilfield chemicals are therefore extensively used in order to simplify the processes of exploration and some of these chemicals include zinc bromide, sodium bromide, sodium chloride, calcium bromide and the like. These salts are either used singly or in combination with other salts based on the specific needs of the projects.

Oil and Gas Operations:

These are also known as completion fluids sometimes that help in controlling well-bore pressures during drilling activities in upstream oil and gas operations. Calcium bromide (CAS No.7789-41-5) is one such fluid that can be used single or with other salts to get fluids of varied densities at different crystallization temperatures. It is basically a clear and colorless liquid that looks transparent and sometimes comes with a pale yellow color also. This is a very important chemical used in lots of exploration processes in a very cost-effective and environment friendly manner that makes it one of the most sought after chemicals of petroleum industry.