Thursday, 28 July 2016

Use Of Clear Brine Completion Fluids As Drill-In Fluids

Drilling Activities & Energy Resources:

Growing energy demand globally has boosted drilling activities. Today world is experiencing tremendous high demand for natural energy resources whether it is conventional or non-conventional as a result industries which are not in field of drilling have also started showing interest in this field.

Various Use of Drilling Fluids:

Clear brine drilling fluids are the industrial fluids that are used for various purposes like used as drilling fluids in oil and natural gas industries, work over, and as completion fluids. They are specially used to control pressure in oil and gas wells. Clear brine fluids are segmented on basis of product type into categories like Calcium chloride, Potassium chloride, potassium bromide, sodium bromide, calcium bromide. They are formulated to achieve various ranges of densities. Oil base drilling fluids and water based drilling fluids are not viable for use because of they needs to be disposed after single time use hence brine based drilling provides great alternative for it.

The advantage of using brine based drilling fluids over other drilling fluids is that they are ecofriendly in nature , are less corrosive to drilling assembly, and provides excellent penetration rate in varying rock formation. Water based drilling muds causes’ clay swelling but in case of brine based drilling muds this problem is neglected. Brines are more expensive but are most effective fluids.

Clear Brine Fluids Apply:

Clear brine drilling fluids have excellent properties that make them widely used drilling fluids and Clear Brine Completion Fluids. They exhibit properties like they can protect polymer at high temperature, they can stabilize shale, can provide good lubricity, are non-toxic, and are easily biodegradable. For these fluids to function properly they must be stable at surface as well as in the wells. Discovery of these fluids have encouraged more and more off shore and deep water drilling. And hence drilling fluid solution providers. Have been in great demand in recent years. Manufacturers of completion fluids in India is not only fulfilling need of fluids in India but also manufacturing globally and hence fulfilling needs globally too.

Manufacturers of completion fluids in India:

CSCPL is leading Drilling Fluids Solution & Products providing quality drilling fluids. These fluids are used not only for oil and gas drilling but also for geothermal drilling. Geothermal drilling are often more difficult to deal with as compared to oil and gas drilling. In oil and natural gas drilling, drilling fluids are utilised for under reaming and work over type of operations. They are designed not only for fulfilling the operations but also to protect production zones. Brine base drilling fluids are the most widely used drilling fluids because of their ability to protect the formation while drilling and controls hydrostatic pressure without suspended solids also inhibiting swelling and migration formation clay.