Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Calcium Bromide Manufacturers Going Global with Quality Oilfield Chemicals

Calcium Bromide one of the essential oilfield chemicals, has a molecular formula of CaBr2 and is available in both liquid and powder form. This is an important oilfield chemical which contributes to large scale manufacturing processes and therefore it is important for it to comply with the highest standards of chemicals in the industry. Calcium bromide manufacturers create these chemicals with the help of thorough product development, unique manufacturing processes and research using the current technology. Calcium bromide is nothing but hydrobromic acid’s calcium salt. Calcium bromide is produced as a result of a reaction between calcium carbonate, calcium oxide and hydrobromic acid. It is known to adapt the given rutile structure that features octahedral Ca. At the time when it is heated strongly in air, it produces bromine and calcium oxide.

Some common applications of Calcium Bromide
Calcium Bromide can easily absorb moisture from the environment due to the fact that it is a hygroscopic powder. It also gets easily dissolved in water and other common brines, yielding packer fluids. In comparison to other prominent chemicals, calcium bromide is very useful in various applications such as neuroses medication, fire retardants, photography, food preservatives and freezing mixtures.

The main purpose why Calcium Bromide Manufacturers create calcium bromide is because it is helpful in adjusting and managing the overall density of recycled or fresh work over, packer and completion brines. In its solid and powdered form, calcium bromide is utilized for the purpose of preparing solids-free and high density workover and completion fluids at the time when the price of transporting the liquid is a bit price prohibitive. It is also used across the world for formulating brines which are single-salt in nature. On the other hand, it can also used in tandem with other prominent dual valence salts for eventually forming brines of given densities. 

Calcium bromide as an Oilfield Chemical is used mainly in two major applications. It is used as a special oxidizer for the purpose of mercury emission control and as clear brine liquid in the oil and gas industry. Calcium bromide is mainly used for controlling wellbore pressures at the time of workover and completion operations in the case of upstream gas and oil. As far as mercury emission control is concerned, this chemical is carefully sprayed on the given coal before the combustion takes place. Another major use of calcium bromide is that it can be easily utilized along with the brines of calcium chloride and calcium chloride in dry form for formulating fluids that are non-damaging and possess a density in the range of 11.7 lbs/gal – 15.1 lbs/gal.
With the rise in demand of calcium bromide, its filteration has also become a global topic of discussion. It is needless to say that filteration has improved the quality of calcium bromide and other brines making it easier for the clients to manufacture better quality end products as a result.