Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Use Of Hexamethyldisilazane As A Pharmaceutical Chemical

Pharmaceutical chemicals are used for benefitting human as well as animal health. They may be discharged into the environment, even if in the minutest levels, through their manufacture, use and disposal. Many scientists all over the world are trying to discuss the effects of this release on the environment. We already have a large array of pharmaceutical products and every year newer products are being added. The active ingredient in every drug or medicine is a pharmaceutical chemical. They have a separate biochemical mode of action and therefore one has to strictly consider the effects of these active ingredients on the flora and fauna.

Manufacture of pharmaceutical chemicals

Manufacture of the pharmaceutical chemicals normally takes place in two stages. It is either manufacturing them in bulk or manufacturing the finished drug product. Good manufacturing practices or cGMPs are responsible for minimizing any kind of unnecessary excipient into the environment. All pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities are subject to various kinds of restrictions or schedules, compliant to the rules and regulations pertaining to processed or non processed effluent discharge. There are restrictions on rates, quantities and concentrations of physical, biological and other constituents.

The Use Of Hexamethyldisilazane As An Alternative In The Analysis Of Ambers

Amber’s physical properties can be used for production of tools, ornaments and various works of art. If derivatisation techniques are used for the transformation of the polar pyrolysis products into less polar and more volatile compounds, Tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide can be used. This improves the analytical performance and the detection limits of the technique. It allows for the hydrolysis and the methylation to be done simultaneously. Very recent developments silylating reactions are done with the help of Hexamethyl Disilazane or HMDS which has also been proposed to be the alternative of amber. HMDS comes with great potentials as compared to the strongly alkaline TMAH reagent. The main limitations of this derivatizing reaction are related to the occurrence of the secondary reactions. These secondary reactions include decarboxylation reactions which are undergone by carboxylic acids as well as the formation of the dehydration products and other by products. These reactions produce pyrogams which are very tough to interpret.

Other Uses Of Hexamethyldisilazane

The use of HMDS as a drying agent was beneficial in the specimen preparation for scanning electron microscopy imaging of bacterial surface colonization on sub bituminous coal. The ability of the microbes to biofragment, ferment and generate methane from coal is where HMDS comes to use. It acts as a very good alternative to critical point drying in the imaging of cells on coal. Thus there is no need for very expensive equipments. Coal can be easily fragmented into sub-micron particles which can create a problem in critical point drying procedures. Both individual and aggregated cells appear in good shape with the least occurrence of the flat cells. This is the importance of the use of HMDS in cell attachment studies on sub-bituminous coal. The use of HMDS drying is a much preferred technology over the most commonly used CPD method as it is not only safer and cheaper but also more practical as method.


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