Monday, 13 June 2016

Oil Field Chemicals Solution Providers in Gujarat

Global Demand of Oilfield Chemicals:

Energy is a basic need for contemporary civilisation without which everything comes to halt. With rapid increase in demand for energy each year, there is also increase in demand for main source of energy i.e. crude oil and natural gas. New advances in technology and development and its appropriate application and proper utilisation of resources have made it possible for oil and natural gas industries to match up the global demands.

Over past few years these industries have been the most technologically advance and developed. Oil field chemical providers have played crucial role in grooming these industries.

HSE Information:

There are many Manufacturers of Oil Well Drilling Chemicals across India those manufacturers drilling chemicals in compliance with environmental, safety and health regulations. They fall in category of salt water drilling fluids. They are intended for drilling salt formation .They inhibits formation of hydrates in drilling equipments. Because of their characteristic high density they are widely used for drilling purpose. They can be used as single salt or combinations of multiple salts in order to achieve desired density. Thus understanding chemical properties of these fluids is very important for successful drilling of oil and natural gas in cost effective way.

Zinc bromide & Calcium Bromide Mixtures Function:

The widely used combinations of salts are Zinc bromide and calcium bromide mixtures, calcium bromide and calcium chloride mixtures, sodium chloride and sodium bromides mixtures. Factors affecting selection of such fluids is its cost, performance for which it is intended to function and effect on environment.

Liquid drilling fluids is also known as drilling mud. They are of following catogries:

1) Water based (may be fresh water or salt water)
2) Non-aqueous or oil based
3) Gaseous type (wide ranges of gases are used in it)
4) Synthetic type

Applications and Uses :

Main applications of these fluids are to provide hydrostatic pressure, Prevent corrosions causing major losses of drillind pipes. Maintains well-bore stability and minimises reservoir damage. It acts as coolant by keeping drilling bit cool while drilling. Acts as lubricant while suspending and taking out drilling assembly. It keeps drilling cuts intact as such and preventing wells from getting shut. They can be used depending upon their area of function. They can be used either individually or in combinations to achieve desired densities. They can also be used to clean cuttings from bore wells.

Such wide range of applications of these fluids has brought manufacturers of oil well drilling chemicals in demand not only in India but across world. It has brought phenomonous changes for oil and natural gas industries. CSCPL is dominant manufacturer Various Types of Drilling Fluids such as calcium bromide (CaBr2), sodium bromide (NaBr) and Zinc bromide (ZnBr).


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