Thursday, 21 January 2016

Calcium Bromide - A Hot Cake Completion Fluid

Calcium Bromide(CaBr2) which is an excellent drilling tool and is a very popular choice in the oilfield industry. With immense increase in drilling activities in petroleum exploration, the demand for clear brine fluids has sky-rocketed. Calcium Bromide, with 14.2 lbs/gal density, is an excellent choice for a completion fluid because of its various properties like non-damaging to the drilling formation, it is very stable chemically and thermally, and it can be used as a single salt clear brine or can be mixed with other bromides and chlorides such as zinc bromide, sodium bromide, calcium chloride, etc; making effective multi-salt compositions that are a formation of balanced high density from 11.7 to almost as high as 19.4 lbs/gal. It is available in powder and liquid forms. In its liquid form, it serves as an excellent drilling mud that helps balance the unstable strata while drilling oil & gas and prevents intrusion of water that may be encountered while drilling on uneven surfaces. In its powder form, it dissolves in water & other brines, and yields completion workover and packer fluids of densities upto 2.3 gm/ml (19.2 lb/gal).
Major Applications of Calcium Bromide as a completion fluid

Calcium Bromide is used as a suspension tool to keep the cuttings from filling the dug holes. While drilling, the hydrocarbons and the rock formations increase the pressure inside the drill holes, CaBr2 is used to control this pressure and even tone it. It is also very useful to seamlessly adjust the characteristics of individual drill holes. Another important use of CaBr2 as a completion fluid in oil well drilling activities is that it stabilizes the rock formation. By aiding in the repair of the individual drill holes, it helps in preventing the collapse of the rock formation. CaBr2is becoming a popular choice in oil and gas drilling, it is in fact preferred over many other fluids because it mixes easily with all the major zinc and calcium based brines and adjusts the density of other brine systems. Calcium Bromide can also be used to drill secondary drill holes from the previously drilled ones, thus increasing the oil well drilling productivity.

This bromide, a highly effective Completion Fluid is used in both offshore and onshore drilling operations. Recent expansion in drilling activity like deep, high pressure wells have contributed to the rapid growth in this market, accounting to an expected growth from $10.86 billion in 2013 to $18.37 billion by 2020, with a CAGR of 7.8 percent.

There are a few comprehensive reports based on the market analysis of CaBr2 as an important agent amongst various drilling chemicals. Such reports give an in-depth study about the current state of CaBr2 across global market. Right from the manufacturing perspective, capacity, production value, and profit to its demand/supply and import/export these reports explore the various aspects and provides a stream-lined guide to the oil field industry players about it.

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