Friday, 7 August 2015

An Overview of the Chemical Manufacturing Industry and HMDS Manufacturers

HMDS manufacturers
Chemicals like HMDS and Chloromethyl Isopropyl Carbonate play a crucial role in the pharmaceutical industries because they act as great intermediates that power important manufacturing processes. The pharma intermediate industry is becoming bigger and better due to the emergence of companies like Chemcon Specialty Chemicals. Chemcon is one of the most prominent HMDS Manufacturers that have changed the market significantly. Besides HMDS, the company also specializes in manufacturing Chloromethyl Isopropyl Carbonate which is a colorless and clear liquid with a molecular formula C5H9ClO3.

Performance of HMDS

For understanding the role and significance of these chemicals better, it is important to go through an entire overview of the industry and the top HMDS manufacturers, which have regained pace after a long period of recession. Various manufacturers are responsible for producing complex chemicals like HMDS in this interlinked yet self-sufficient industry. These specialty chemicals are nothing but chemical products which are sold not on the basis of their composition but their function or performance. These can be chemical formulations or single entities based on their requirements. Due to the fact that manufacturing complex chemicals like CMIC and HMDS requires special innovation and technology, the emergence of players like Chemcon has proved to be a boon for the industry.
Even though this industry is undergoing a huge transition, one important fact which has emerged is that several Japanese, Western European and North American companies are dominating the market. However, with several economic barriers being broken down, the growth of technology and presence of trade liberalization, more and more companies are entering the market to break the monopoly. As a result, specialty chemicals like Chloromethyl Isopropyl Carbonate and HMDS are now being sold at affordable rates. In Asia too, several Indian and Chinese HMDS manufacturers have entered the industry and are doing exceedingly well. As more and more competition increases, it seems that the clients will be in a win-win situation because the costs will be lower and the quality of these specialty chemicals will keep on improving.

In the last decade or so, the growth in the specialty chemical industry has been particularly low, however the profitability has been decent considering the fact that there has been a very competitive environment. The growth, which has been predicted for the upcoming future, looks to be somewhere around 2.0% which is not bad at all. The fact that all the new manufacturing firms are coming up with better technology and tools such as driers, reactors and condensers, the growth is surely going to be better by the next decade.
Uses of HMDS in Different Section

Various segments in the specialty chemicals industry are predicted to grow faster than the average growth speed. Some of these segments include: electronic chemicals, oil field chemicals, radiation curable coatings and specialty polymers. Popular chemical manufacturer like Chemcon also specializes in oil field chemicals and therefore the prospects of the company look really good from the onset.
It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the prospects of the specialty chemicals industry growing look very good not just in certain parts of the world, but the growth seems to be equally divided across the world. In no time, the world will see many more HMDS manufacturers coming up and giving tough competition to the firms having a monopoly in the market.


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